Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Cookie Craziness

Four children, four bowls of frosting, a dozen different types of sprinkles and four dozen cookies. If you add all of those together the results are the pictures below. Many bottles of sprinkles surrendered to the hands of small children, with much of the sprinkles ending up on the floor, but we had a lot of fun. Next year I am cutting out all circle cookies. Why? Because the cookies had so much frosting and sprinkles on them that by the time the kids were done, the shapes were unrecognizable! So next year, all circles. :o)

Care for some cookie with your sprinkles?

This blue thing was a candy cane shaped cookie. LOL

The finished product. Yum, right?

The cookie artists.

I'm quite certain that even though I cleaned for 45 minutes after they finished, I will still be finding sprinkles on the floor around Valentine's Day.

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Mini Ele said...

those cookies sure look yummy.. :)